the science of Algae Control

AlgaeControl.US LogoAlgaeControl.US, based in Charleston, SC is a Master Distributor for Sonic Solutions LLC. ultrasound algae control devices. We currently have over 50 authorized dealers nationwide providing you a wide variety of expertise; from water garden experts to pond and lake biologists to industrial wastewater engineers. Using sound “green” water management practices positively impacts everyone’s water quality and helps protect and preserve our environment, fish and wildlife.  Let our experts who have helped pond owners across the country, help you with your pond.

Algae Control with Zero Chemicals

How Sonic Solutions Algae Control Works:

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Eliminate algae in pools, ponds, lakes, lagoons, reservoirs and tanks.

Wondering how to remove algae from your water without expensive toxic chemicals? SonicSolutions® is the answer. SonicSolutions® eliminates your algae problems by using an environmentally safe technology that kills existing algae and controls future growth. The submerged ultrasonic transducer is programmed to generate the precise frequency of ultrasonic waves that destroys algae's cellular functioning and structure.

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Depending on site conditions, initial results can be seen within two weeks of installation. Over a period of an additional 6 to 12 weeks, SonicSolutions® will kill the algae that subsequently bloom from the algae spores that are present in the water. After 12 weeks, the device will continue to keep your water basin clear with 24-hour, low-cost, low-maintenance algae control. SonicSolutions® is completely chemical-free, can help lower pH and TSS, and is registered with the USEPA.

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  • Environmentally safe
  • Chemical-Free Algae Control
  • Kills algae: planktonic algae, blue-green algae, green algae, filamentous algae, etc.
  • Reduces TSS counts in the effluent of wastewater treatment facilities
  • Does not harm "beneficial bacteria, aerobic or anaerobic"
  • Kills root parasitic fungi like Pythium and Fusarium(in water)
  • Does not harm humans, animals, fish or plants
  • Reduces chlorine use in swimming pools, drastically
  • Removes bio-film: Boat hulls, swimming pools, tanks, cooling towers, etc.
  • Low power consumption (from 20 to 45 watts)
  • Virtually maintenance free (wipe off the transducer face occasionally)
  • No moving parts, No filters to clean, No bulbs to replace
  • State of the art electronics signal transmitter
  • Sonic Solutions, LLC products are Made In The USA with quality you can trust!
  • Easy to install (GFCI outlet on 120 volt household current)
  • 2 year manufacturer's service warranty
  • Continued support by AlgaeControl.US and our Dealer Network
  • Affordable pricing and saves you time so you may enjoy your water!

Algae control methods do not always give the desired results. For example, mats of filamentous algae may be removed with a rake, screen wire, or similar devices; however this control method is very labor intensive and provides only temporary control. In some instances, the algae may seem to grow as fast as they are removed. Before using chemicals, you should consider potential contamination of domestic water supplies and the waiting periods for watering livestock, eating fish, swimming and irrigation. In general, you must have a license to dispense many of the chemicals used as algaecides.

our Solution

Now there is a better way to control algae. It is environmentally friendly, cost effective and chemical free. The method is not revolutionary technology. It was discovered decades ago that ultrasound would destroy algae cells. However, at the time of the discovery, ultrasonic wave generators were too costly to make it a marketable product. But today, underwater ultrasonic sound wave generation that is inaudible to and no threat to people, animals, fish or plants is now available and affordable for those who want to get rid of algae and other harmful micro-organisms such as destructive root parasitic fungi, Fusarium and Pythium.