Charleston, South Carolina                                                                                                                                       Est. 1990

 Algae & Aquatic Weed Specialist

We know what's in your pond....


South Santee Aquaculture, Inc. is located near the heart of the Santee River Delta in historic Charleston South Carolina.  The company was founded in 1990 by owner Kevin Hutchinson an aquatic specialist in the field of aquaculture, aquatic plant management & limnology. Combining years of experience and a passion for protecting our environment Mr. Hutchinson quickly expanded his aquaculture based company into water management now servicing Lakes & Stormwater Ponds along the South Carolina and Georgia coastline.  Using a unique integrated approach to water management he incorporates aeration, aquatic chemicals, beneficial bacteria, pond dyes, biological control, mechanical control and shorescaping using live native plants to completely remove nuisance algae & aquatic weeds while benefiting the relationship with the surrounding environment and local wildlife.  

"Working with mother nature to is the only way I work, aquatic chemicals are just one piece of the puzzle, you have to use all resources available to completely solve your ponds algae & aquatic weed problems."  Kevin Hutchinson    

Seeing a need for more environmentally friendly ways of controlling algae Kevin got involved in the development of a new ultrasonic technology, a device used to kill algae using ultrasonic sound waves, after many years of advancements to the product he then founded an Eco-friendly company called AlgaeControl.US which quickly expanded to over 65 dealerships worldwide.  The company has since been turned over to his "genius" brother George Hutchinson, a chemical engineer, for further advancements and globalization of the product line now called the Quattro-DB.

"I am very proud of my brother George,  he took a simple concept along with many years of hard work and created a safe new technology that revolutionizes the way people conceive algae control."  Kevin Hutchinson